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A Record of Good Deeds

If you're looking for a doer of good deeds, look no further than Scott! Earlier this month, he took a humanitarian trip through UReach Global to Baja, Mexico with his two teenage kids as well as his niece.

There is one paved road that goes from Tijuana through Encinada, and then through Baja – all told, it's about a 5-hour drive from the border. Although UReach as an organization has seen to the building of over 100 homes in the area, there's only so much that people can do. On the other hand, what people can do is incredible.

Scott and co. started on Monday, building a house for a small family of three. When they arrived, it was just a concrete slab and wood materials, but with a crew of about 25 wonderful people, they built all of the walls and the roof in one day. Interspersing building with activities for the local children, the house was complete in four days.

"You just kinda give your time and your trust in God to make the important things happen," Scott said.

People began to find out about his experience in the construction industry, and soon he was given a life-changing opportunity: to go to two other houses UReach had built earlier in the year and install a one-panel two-lightbulb solar system. "In my entire construction career, I've managed over 60 million dollars of solar installations, but this to date was my most proud install. To bring power and light to people in their homes that have never had it was definitely the highlight of my week."

Thank you for all you do, Scott! You're an inspiration!

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