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A Smashing Success: Q2 Sacramento “A”

Updated: Jul 30

By: Michael L, Marketing Chief Officer.

2022 Is shaping up to be a Sacramento “A” Team record breaker. The office smashed its office June monthly record with a stout $876,575.74 which has stood since June of 2017 @ a humble $822,486. The “A” Team also smashed its office QUARTERLY record by nearly $150K with a varsity performance of $1,952,951. Sacramento “A” is also on pace to smash the annual office record by nearly 50% and conquer their ASQ.

Sacramento “A” Sales Manager Daniel Terrazas credits his daily training and office demo mentality.

“Sac A ran 20 different product lines during Q2 and achieved nearly a 70% demo rate in 12 of the product lines. Couple high demo with a good close rates you’re going to break records and everyone will make money,” said Quality First President Gerry Anderson. “Sac A also increased its average sale by nearly 20% from its previous record breaking quarter while increasing its overall close rate, a true recipe for success. High demo + # of Demos + High Close and Larger Average Sales = Massive Success

Team Sac A accumulated nearly 700K in Kitchen/Bath business, they also did over 400K in Roofs, while bringing home ample revenue in Coating, HVAC, Solar and Windows.

Dominic Christian, Canvass Manger helped guide the team to an amazing hot call run of $761,208. The crew performed well through Q2 Home shows: Auburn, Grass Valley, Placerville, and Yuba City.

“I just want to everyone to know how appreciative we are of all the canvassers: Guy Kelly, Ian Smith, Chris Nicholson. Special kudos to top canvasser David Cebalo with (21) $391,304.43 in Net Sales,” said sales manager Daniel Terrazas

The call center provided assistance with nearly 200K in rehash business, and $180,000 in previous customer business. “The inbound team, the door hangers, the ARCS it all added up for an outstanding quarter,” said Lind Ball, Call Center Manager.

“The Sales Team is incredible. We appreciate their hard work and are honored in being a support mechanism for them, “ said CMO, Mike Licalsi.

Sales Reps rule the roost and Q2 was no exception: Colin Bardin closed over $409,000 in net business, Marcin Ullman proved equally impressive with $383,089 while The Count Aaron VonStaden finished with a smashing $384,590 in net revenue. Sales Manager Daniel T led by example; 65% Demo with a 39% Close for the entire Quarter. “

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