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At Gary's Bar And Grill, Searching For My Lost Shaker of Salt

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The Quarterly Awards for Q3 of 2022 were held on Monday, October 17, in the Sacramento office's conference room. Warmth and good cheer spread all around as employees sat (and stood) shoulder-to-shoulder, listening to the announcements and speeches from the winners.

During the event, Gary explained that a company is nothing without its people, and that the building would be a cold and lifeless place without everyone who comes together each day. Then, awards had been handed out, he took his firmly-held belief a step further by extending an invitation to his home.

And so, our fantastic sales and install teams went back to "Gary's Bar and Grill" for some on-site, hands-on product training. At six separate stations, the guys talked about HVAC, solar, doors, windows, and more. (Each product had, of course, been installed by Quality First in the past.)

After the hard work, there were drinks and tacos!

The team was initially a bit shocked by the invitation. "At other jobs, you never expect to be friends with your coworkers, let alone invited to your boss's house," one rep commented. "But it makes you feel valued, like you're part of a company that really cares about you as a person."

They were joined after the work day ended by some admin and executive staff, as well. With drinks and conversation flowing freely, it was a genuine way for the company to unwind and celebrate each others' accomplishments. Thank you, Gary, for opening your home and your heart to all of us!

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