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Chief Marketing Officer: Michael LiCalsi

Updated: Sep 1

We all see him in the Marketing room, but has any one of us really taken the time to learn who Michael LiCalsi really is? The Creative Media department had a fantastic, enlightening interview with him last week that we'd love to share with the rest of you all.

Independent from a young age, Michael has done some truly interesting things, including managing a punk rock band. You can even find his name referenced in linear notes of some very cool albums, but we've promised to keep his connections a secret.

But it was the sense of structure and the chance to learn true responsibility that drew him to Quality First as a young man – and he's since worked for Gary for over 30 years. Michael started off as a canvasser and has held just about every position in the company that one can imagine, scaling the managerial ranks until he finally landed in his current position, Chief Marketing Officer. The title became official this summer!

"I would work as hard as I could and as smart as I could to learn the entire system and to become the best…at the system," he explained, telling us how he'd made up cards with the different elements of the pitch and put them up all over his walls and ceiling to re

ally internalize the process. With determination and persistence, he turned these theories into reality for himself and for Quality First.

Michael's day is busy, full of data in the mornings and meetings thereafter with sales managers as well as the call center. Despite the impression one might get that his job is all about numbers, he's truly made it about the people he manages. Although he could a

lways have taken a more hands-off approach, this humble writer believes that he's made an impact on more people than he realizes and would like to thank him for his management style.

He spoke to us fondly of his wife and step-family, including his wife's grandson, who he boasted had kicked a 65-yard field goal during football practice. This guy's gonna do great things!

Honorable mentions, of course, go out to Michael's dog Stella (a bichon frise who's "smarter than heck") and his cat Peach.

Michael is all about being the best he can be, and we'd love to continue cheering him on as long as he remains part of the Quality First family!

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