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Creative Media Expands!

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

This is it, folks! This is the article you've all been waiting for! We're spotlighting the one and the only… Creative Media Department.

Yes, Creative Media, the department headed by Rachel Olson, to which this humble writer also belongs. I'm Dana Rudnitsky, and it's quite nice to properly meet all of you. We've recently expanded to include a third member, Joel Franco, who's quite the wizard when it comes to websites and graphic design. Drop by our office and say hi!

You can always find us utilizing a collaboration tool called Asana to manage our respective individual and joint projects, juggling multiple calendars with multiple projects at any given time. Organization is one of the keys to success, after all!

We also take the reins when it comes to most company-wide events. For example, you'll see us taking pictures during Quarterly Awards and interviewing winners! You can almost always read about new hires and promotions in the monthly digital newsletter, which Rachel designs and we co-write.

The digital newsletter started up in October, and we've ramped up slowly to reach our current plateau of 83 subscribers. If you know anyone who hasn't subscribed yet, Creative Media can tell them how to sign up and whitelist the email address.

If you've visited the website recently, you might have seen some of Joel's amazing updates: the search bar, the translation and accessibility plugins, and the specials page – separated by each of our locations, in fact!

We also love numbers and graphs in this department, boasting some solid Excel skills, though probably not as solid as our buddies in Admin. I'm a big fan of hierarchical sunburst charts, myself.

2023 is the year of Creative Media, so look out!!

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