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Daily Puzzle: Brittney

The most recent addition to the admin team is Brittney, a quiet young woman who, once warmed up to the conversation, shared an outpouring of secrets that I won't be tattling about with any of you here today.

Although she was born and raised in this area, the Citrus Heights native does make it out for road trips. Her top three destinations are Crescent City, Sea Ranch, and Tahoe, and she'll pass the time on those drives with true crime podcasts.

Much like a true crime investigator, she finds her admin job to be a puzzle – in a good way. It's about unraveling what goes on with the contracts, Brittney explained, as well as putting things together and coming up with theories.

Her first job ever was at Cal Expo, where she occasionally returns for their myriad events. A true foodie, she requested to be assigned to the parking lot during one of their latest and most delicious events to avoid temptation.

At Cal Expo, and now at Quality First, it is, was, and will always be the people she meets that makes the job interesting. While the initial job posting seemed innocuous enough, a good match for her skills, Brittney has fallen for the friendly people and warm environment here. In particular she cites the welcoming attitudes and the team aspect.

Indeed, Admin is a tight-knight group, unified under a democratic rotation of good music. While Brittney's current favorite genre is country, 90's music is a mainstay (as it should be).

She also loves corgis, so let's bark up a serious welcome for the latest addition to the Quality First family!

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