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We've also got some new faces in San Jose! There's Saleh, the Assistant Project Coordinator, who started mid-August, and John Derek, who's still in the first month of his role as Project Coordinator. I got the opportunity to chat with them both and I'll tell you right now, San Jose is lucky to have these two!

Saleh is an early riser who gets to the office around 6:30 AM and enjoys the quiet time to get paperwork out of the way. He's got a lot on his plate during the day, both in and out of the office, but he compliments the whole team for giving him excellent training to handle it.

John Derek hasn't quite been here long enough to establish a routine – but some of his first days with Quality First were during the Quarterly Awards, and boy, did that make an awesome first impression! It made him excited to see a company that so many people enjoyed working for. The company's Christian values were a big plus when he was first looking into it, too.

It was quite the busy week for both of them, so we didn't have time for the usual comprehensive interviews. Many apologies for the brevity – but many thanks for your diligence and attention to your work, guys.

We know that John Derek and Saleh will continue to thrive in their new positions, and we hope to catch up with them again soon!

Saleh pictured above

John Derek pictured above

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