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Keeping It Simple: Director of Field Operations

Everyone who works for Quality First tends to acknowledge its uniqueness, but few have ever so eloquently referred to it as having a "unicorn culture of excellence, growth, caring for one another, and having fun." (I couldn't have said it better myself, and I think about unicorns at least once a week.)

Enter Jeff, our Director of Field Operations. Although he's only been with the company since April 2022, he's as permanent a fixture as any we install. He walks among us with experience gained at Dish Network, Home Depot, and other places in the building materials industry.

With lightning-fast email responses and strong values, he leads the Installation and Customer Service teams here at Quality First. He works closely with Product Coordinators and Sales Managers, too, to keep things moving smoothly.

"Keeping things simple doesn't make for a simple leader," he explained, citing the succinct nature of the Gettsyburg Address. "For me, it's a good reminder that direct, transparent conversation conveys our point and helps us to achieve business results more quickly."

Well said, Jeff! Seriously.

You wouldn't know it by looking at him, but his calm demeanor hides an unexpectedly adventurous side – he likes riding motorcycles on and off road, as well as road and mountain bicycling. He's also quite the relatable family man, talking about his wife of 21 years, as well as his two kids and two dogs.

The Creative Media department would like to thank Jeff for his time and this interesting glimpse into what makes him tick. You're an integral part of the team and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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