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Let's Catch Up With The New Solar PC: Micah

At the end of August 2022, Quality First got a Senior Solar Project Manager – Micah, a tattooed veteran who told this humble article writer not to thank him for his service. He'd been stationed everywhere from Korea to Hawaii, and now he's here with us in good ol' California.

Sometimes he's in the office and sometimes he's in the field, so the scenery is always changing here at Quality First, too. He listens to daily install reports, issues jobs, orders materials, and even does some customer service.

Everyone says Quality First makes you feel like family, and he's no exception. "It's like you're collaborators," Micah said, referring to the way there's a lot of respect that goes both ways between employees and managers.

With seven years of solar experience under his belt, and twice that in military service, Micah is a very interesting member of our #QualityFirstFamily. He deigned to regale me with a tale so silly that I may not be able to safely share with all of you today because it's distinctly PG-13. Still, if you find yourself alone with him, ask about his time at basic training, where he almost froze because he chose to wear too many layers to bed.

And, speaking of layers, he's got tattoos layered all up and down his arms! Whether it's tiger stripes (for his favorite animal), sports team logos (to remind him of home while he was deployed), or the names of his wife and children, there's a story for everything.

Catch him reminiscing fondly about the old Ronin Warriors cartoon, a holdover from childhood Saturday mornings. He's a fan of sci-fi in general, citing The Matrix as his absolute favorite movie.

We loved getting to catch up with him and we hope he'll be hanging out with us here at Quality First for a while to come!

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