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Positively Presidential: Scott Gabaree's Meteoric Rise

Scott Gabaree, who has been working with Quality First for a long time and assumed the role of President of the company earlier this month at the Quarterly Awards. Quality First brought him aboard to start the company's solar division, but as you can see, his role has expanded exponentially since then.

"I was surprised to see the overwhelming support," he said. "I can't thank everybody enough."

In his new position, Scott says he can work directly with department heads and use his experience to guide them. He admits that he's also done this in a less official capacity throughout his time with Quality First, always doing his best to help everyone be their best.

When asked if he had any mentors in the company, Scott pointed out that Gary has been a lot of things to him: a leader, a coach, a motivator, and most importantly, a friend. Scott has even picked up Gary's habit of doubling words, such as "thank you, thank you."

His personal life is similarly charmed, for which he's equally grateful. Scott was able to reconnect with his high school sweetheart, whom he married in 2016. They have an amazing blended family with eight children and two dogs. He credits his wife as a source of strength, his biggest supporter, and someone who motivates him to be a better person.

To him, the Quality First family represents "loyalty, commitment, and likemindedness" as everyone strives to improve themselves and the company. There's an energy, Scott points out, that one can feel any time they're in one of our offices.

While discussing his five-year plan, Scott had clear, unwavering expectations for growth. He clarified, "It's difficult to say what direction [the future] will take us, but nothing will stop us." So, everyone, let's take that energy and carry it with us into 2023!

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