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Promotions: Assistant Manager to Kitchen, Bath, and Coating

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

By Dana, Creative Media Assistant.

Todd came into our office with the confidence of a lion. The man with the board name “Handsome Bald Guy” was a rep with Sac Solar for about two years before his promotion to Assistant Manager to Kitchen, Bath, and Coating.

He got his start at Quality First in February 2020, just as the pandemic was rearing its ugly head and Covid lockdowns were beginning. Rather than in homes, most of his demos took place outside – and he must have done something right, because he was nominated “Rookie of the Year” shortly thereafter!

Construction and cars, he explained to us, are in his blood. He’s got an extensive knowledge of roofing, construction, and concrete from his grandfather and his uncle, both of whom owned materials yards. Meanwhile, Todd himself has almost exclusively been self-employed in auto repair shops. When he closed down Gold River Automotive, he intended to retire, but that life wasn’t for him.

Referred by not one but two existing employees, Todd gave Quality First a shot – and was hired on the spot!

“I believe there are no strangers, just somebody I haven’t met yet,” he said. That’s a great attitude to have, and it really shows in all of his interactions around the office, too. Discussing the definition of a quality manager, he said that it’s “the obtaining of a common goal through the willing cooperation of others.”

We chatted a little more about the man behind the job, getting to the roots of his favorite movies (Pretty Woman and Tombstone) as well as his favorite music genre. “You know what happens if you play country music backwards? You get your house back, your dog back, your wife back.”

Todd isn’t just funny and well-spoken, but a team player to the extreme.

Asked for a snapshot of his day, he discussed how he tries to prepare the day for the sales reps to build relationships with customers and grow the company at the same time. If he manages his reps with a fraction of the genial confidence he brought to this little interview, he’s gonna soar even higher in no time!

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