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Razor-Sharp Whit: Reno's New Sales Manager

Sometimes, you end up in the right place at the right time. For instance, take Marc.

In early March 2017, an area sales manager in the beverage industry applied to Quality First's install department because he didn't realize there was a sales department. Once corrected, however, he was quickly absorbed into the #QualityFirstFamily. Now, Marc is the Reno Sales Manager, leading his team with his hard-earned years of experience.

Eager to learn about what goes into the job, I asked him what the most surprising part of his new position was. "The number of hats you wear and personalities you have to manage," he said after just a moment's thought. He went on to detail his duties and, wow, talk about a full plate.

With a revolving door of tasks ranging from blocking out leads for his guys to discussions with project coordinators, to revving his leadership engines during morning meetings and interacting with customers, he never knows what each day will hold. And that's to say nothing of the mountain of paperwork he climbs on the regular! We hope he's got neat handwriting!

With his wife Danielle and their three kids, Marc is also quite the family man. In his spare time, he's also a fan of the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco Giants.

Thanks for stepping up to the plate, Marc! We wish you tons of success – and even more sales.

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