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Remember, Remember, Our Sale's In December

Start the drumroll, please! That electricity you can feel crackling through the air is the excitement surrounding our December To Remember sale – the biggest and best sale that Quality First has to offer its customers.

Across the country, construction and home improvement companies often take a time out and hibernate for the winter. Quality First, on the other hand, revs its engines and speeds up, breaking through barriers and surpassing expectations.

Sales and Marketing alike are abuzz with vivacity as they cast a wide net across Northern California and that little slice of Nevada, often capturing past customers as well as new leads. Offering up to 30% off, a marked increase from last year, they'll be sure to make folks some offers they can't refuse!

As usual, there was an uplifting "D2R" kickoff on November 16 as we all prepared for the event's start on the 25th. Between products and pep talks, each department received a Christmas-themed bag with some tools of the trade: streamers, balloons and a pump, D2R buttons, and even some fake hundred dollar bills to decorate with – using the law of attraction to manifest a fortunate reality!

It will run until December 31 this year, so don't expect the excitement to die down any time soon.

Asked about December to Remember, Michael Licalsi was full of hype: "Quality First has a knack for doing well in unpredictable times. Our process, systems and people are second to none. Our management team has been through every conceivable battle and persevered. Our confidence to do well is grounded in successful past accomplishments. QF Rocks!!!"

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