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Top Admin Employee of the 2nd Quarter

Updated: Jul 30

By Dana, Creative Media Assistant.

When the Top Administrative Employee of the 2nd Quarter came into the Creative Media office, we had to shield our eyes from the brilliance of her smile. Brooke was down-to-earth and authentic, speaking positively and openly about herself and Quality First.

Brooke works within three different areas of accounting: accounts payable, financials with Mike Wise, and payroll with Tammy. Brooke told us that she loves getting to work with all of them, refusing to pick a favorite. In her position, she gets to reach out to PCs, sales managers, sales reps, and even canvassers – rather than just dealing with numbers, she also deals with numerous individuals.

So how does she juggle the responsibilities of three separate sets of duties? “By staying really organized,” she answered. Admirable!

Brooke has only been with Quality First for a year as of July 6. With the ease that she strikes up conversations around the office, and the way everyone seems to be friendly with her, this writer thought she’d been around for much longer.

She began working, as many of us do, in retail. She was great with the monthly financial reports that they would run, which led to a fateful 2 weeks of filling in with a company’s accounting department. This change in responsibilities made her realize a love of numbers that she continued to pursue from there on out.

When asked about her core values, Brooke told us that she places a high value on integrity and doing the right thing even if no one’s watching. There’s a sort of genuine honesty that really shows on her face when she talks about it.

She loves Quality First’s family-oriented atmosphere, as many of us do. It lines up well with her own sense of familial duty, too. Brooke is a fantastic mother to 16-month old Khinala. She also lives with a sweet pitbull mix named Bailee. Some more details about the woman behind the job: her favorite band is Third Eye Blind and her favorite movie is The Lion King.

Keep up the great attitude, Brooke!

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