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Top Sales Manager of the 3rd QTR 2022

by Michael LiCalsi

Sales Manager Darryl Michael led this team to another consistent and highly productive sales quarter.

Sacramento Solar produced $1,946,000 Net for the Q3 which resulted in 106% of their Sales Quota.

The team also kept pace in over shooting their ASQ – again - this selling season of 2022.

Top honors continue to roll in for the young sale’s executive. Darryl is a fantastic trainer, excellent at building sales rosters and believes in and puts forth the Quality First System.

Darryl’s team has a demo first mentality which has enabled many of his sales people to become A LEVEL PLAYERS. “You don’t write ASQ by yourself. You need a top flight team to produced consistent results,” Darryl said. “My sales team is the very best – bar none,” he added

During Q3 his squad had 30%+ closing rates on Bath, Coating, Doors, HVAC, Insulation, Pavers, Room Enclosures, Solar Batteries, and Widows.

Darryl also positioned his team to close nearly a ¼ of a million dollars in net ARC business, 75% close rates on rehash. The amazing accomplishment continue to pile up for Darryl.

Thank you Darryl for all you do and the Quality First team salutes you for top sales manager honors for Q3.

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