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Invest In Yourself

Updated: Jan 1

By: Michael Licalsi, Chief Marketing Officier.

Without spending much money, anyone can invest in themselves and in time reap massive returns.

People who invest in themselves earn more money. It is a fact.

Effort never equals zero, but zero effort mostly equals zero.

Indeed’s Editorial Board recently issued insight on 32 ways anyone can invest in themselves:

1. Set Goals

2. Be Creative

3. Be Confident

4. Write More

5. Read More

6. Keep A Journal

7. Eat Healthy

8. Work Out

9. Self-Care

10. Learn New Skills

11. Hone Previous Skills

12. Get Organized

13. Create A Budget

14. Start Saving

15. Travel

16. Explore Different Cultures

17. Learn A New Language

18. Invest In relationships

19. Create Daily & Weekly Schedule For Yourself

20. Maintain Sleep Schedule

21. Have A Morning Routine

22. Make Memories

23. Invest In Your Appearance

24. Improved Your Communication Skills

25. Network

26. Create an achievement List

27. Stay Current

28. Be comfortable Being alone

29. Find Mentor

30. Track Your Results

31. Self-Awareness

32. Impulse Control

Tenacity is King.

Building a better you will take time, but you’ll see improvement right away.

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