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New Hire: Admin's Eliana!

Admin opened its doors once again at the very end of July, adding one more member to

their crew. We were psyched to meet you, Eliana!

A fan of both green tea and sugary coffee, she has been known to count quarters for group DoorDash orders of bubble tea. Five stars out of five, would recommend having her as a food buddy any day.

She starts her mornings with emails, then by processing new deals that have come in. After that, it's time for mileage, filing, and learning measures. (She taught us, too, that it means they're "measuring" whether a job is still within certain parameters based on the initial deal.)

Eliana tends to gravitate towards family-oriented environments, which was something she knew she'd found at Quality First from the moment she walked in for her initial

interview. The culture we've all cultivated in the office, specifically the camaraderie, is one of her favorite things about Quality First.

She likes her coworkers, who make the days enjoyable. They're people she resonates with more than at other positions she's held, too. "You want to come in," she said. "It makes you want to be around them and look forward to talking with them."

Who was she before Quality First? Born and raised in Sonoma County, Eliana has only been in the Sacramento area for the past few years. A particularly cool fact about her is that she's a licensed cosmetologist and beauty school graduate, so she's got quite the fashionable head on her shoulders.

Given free reign of Spotify, she'll listen to everything from reggaetón music to video game soundtracks, including Kingdom Hearts lo-fi. Her favorite video game is Final Fantasy 15. She and her husband have two cats, Noctis and Luna, and one dog, a maltipoo terrier named Pelusa ("fluff").

May the geeky references continue to echo throughout the Quality First universe!

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